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The Corrupt, Flawed, Ludicrous three year Police investigation ...... Click here

The Police, Politics and UK State sponsored Fascism .... Click here

National, Legal and other precedents set in my case. . Precedents

Articles about the case on other patriotic sites Civil Liberty and Solidarity


Dave BlackburnDan leicester

UK Sales and Downloads

Many thanks to everyone who has bought something from the web site.

Official merchandise sales, particularly the albums ' Endangered Species' and 'No Surrender ' have now reached all corners of the United Kingdom. From the west of Northern Ireland to East Anglia and from the Isle of Wight to Argyll and Bute. . .

. . . . . . Prepare to meet the Wicker Man !

So far our largest orders are from Linda in Glasgow, Lucy in Doncaster, Gaz in Manchester and Irene in London who all bought the merchandise for themselves and then put in several more orders to send as presents.

Gaz londonPink T-shirt



International Sales and Downloads

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Finland and Poland

Although difficult to track exactly Download distribution is worldwide through itunes. However anecdotal evidence tells us there have been downloads of the tracks from every continent.

Official merchandise sales through the web site are easy to track as we distribute them. So far we have exported CD's to many countries including the USA, Australia, India, Japan, Norway, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, NZ, Finland, Poland, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Denmark, Holland, Spain, and wait for it.....Eagle Hawk Neck, Tasmania !

Our largest International orders are from David in North Carolina USA , Dan in Indiana USA and Jonathan in Victoria Australia who all bought the CD & DVD collection and T-shirts.

Akvile norwayDan & Danny Indiana



Anglo Saxon Big in 'INDIA'

Got a message from Vijayan Almeida a top DJ on ALL INDIA RADIO asking could I send him a copy of the album so he could play our tracks. Many of the tracks from 'Endangered Species' are now on the play list and get regular airplay. They even play our version of 'Scarborough Fair'. I have recorded several messages for broadcast with the tracks. Some general, one for India's Republic Day and one showing our solidarity and thoughts for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.


. . . . . Gaining Cult status

three meercats
Although official CD sales and downloads are only a few thousand our full tracks are all over the internet and easy to get. There are tens of thousands out there on phones, ipods, mp3 players and computers. Anecdotal evidence of Soldiers, Marines or teenagers blue toothing tracks round the barracks, School or College. A Para told me they play them through the external loud speakers of Armoured Vehicles while on patrol in Afghanistan. To the point we now appear on file sharing sites such as limewire. There will be few if any other artists appearing on file sharing sites who have never had any kind of record deal.
The web site now gets over 40,000 hits a month and plays on YouTube, Myspace, Metacafe, google video and various others are over 1,000,000. On Myspace we have over 12,000 fans and 'This is England' is the most popular profile song by an independent unsigned UK artist. We have links on hundreds of  web sites and magazine reviews both at home and abroad. The tracks get radio airplay in both the UK, abroad and have been broadcast many times on UK network television.



Found our tracks for sale at 9 cents each and 1 Dollar for the album on a Music Download site along with Oasis, Blur, Coldplay, U2 etc. The tracks were said to be licenced under Russian Federation copyright law ? Pull the other one ! Pity anyone giving bank details to these people. But Hey...at least they know about us !


First London gig....PLAYING LIVE

Gary marsden RWBGary Marsden Live in LondonGary Marsden LiveGary Marsden Stoke

Gary Marsden Live in Newcastle EDL

We recently played in London for the first time. The place was packed, went down a storm, got paid and sold out of albums..!!!

As we only play our own material which may not be everyone's cup of tea we only play on invite. However we have played  numerous gigs and a Summer Festival. Any bands who think we may be suitable for a support slot... let us know.

Any one interested can contact us through the web site, Myspace or Facebook.

This is the live set we did at the Festival. We have not added anything this is exactly as it went out on the night ( Thanks to Alan Smith. Sound engineer/recorder ). Although essentially the same songs as the studio versions in our opinion the live versions are much better and are now on the 'No Surrender' Live album. By the time I got to 'This is England' my voice was knackered, but far from detract it just seemed to give more passion to the song.

All songs written by Anglo Saxon.

No Surrender

Track Listing

1. Are you Ready.

2. This thing called Rock & Roll.

3. When Daddy comes marching home.

4. Lest' we Forget. 7/7.

5. The War Machine.

6. Which side are you on ?

7. This is England.



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