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I don't feel the time is right to publish some of the more salacious details. This is just the sequence of events and statements of fact.

At 07:30 on 13/4/2007 my home was raided by West Yorkshire Police. I was arrested on suspicion of 'Possession of written material with intent to incite racial hatred'. Over 500 items were seized including two laptops, 100's of CD's, audio visual equipment, our national flags and a local election leaflet. I was in custody for 9 hours, questioned for 4 hours and released on bail to the 12/7/07. On answering bail I was in custody for 7 hours questioned extensively again and released on bail to the 24/8/07. On answering bail I was re-bailed to 19/10/07. On 18/10/07 I was informed by Det. Sergeant Vanessa 5210 Smith that I was released from bail, this ludicrous (probably illegal) six figure, six month investigation was at an end with no further action and I could collect all my property the next day.

The whole basis for these actions were the lyrics of the songs (in particular 'This is England' ). The lyrics are not remotely racist, in fact there is no mention of race at all. The only thing I could be accused of is touching on some uncomfortable truths, and as we know throughout history the truth can be extremely dangerous .

I feel this is the most outrageous attack on human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of association, artistic expression, the democratic process and an abuse of Police powers under the criminal law for the purposes of political correctness and internal discipline.

Points of interest.

After two years suspended I was dismissed by West Yorkshire Police as an Imaging Officer. This came before Leeds Employment Tribunal in April 2010.

The Mickey Mouse Judgement from Mickey Mouse Judge David Burton

Deputy Chief Constable David Crompton
Chief Ifficer Kerry Holden
Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison

Deputy Chief Constable David Crompton

W.Y.P. Chief Officer Kerry Holden
. . Chief Constable . . Sir Norman Bettison

On 20/5/10 I finally received the 20 page reserved Judgement from my 5 day Employment Tribunal Hearing 19-23/4/10. Although this is sent out simultaneously to both legal teams the first I knew of the the result was a phone call from the Yorkshire Evening Post ( talk about 'Heard it through the Grapevine' ). In Employment Tribunals it is Emloyers who are innocent until proven guilty not the othe way round as in a Court of Law. Given the attitude of the Judge I am not surprised I lost the Judgement but just how flawed, bias and prejudice it is in favour of West Yorkshire Police. At the original hearing (which the Police managed to get scrapped on a technicality) Judge Colin Grazin had a real grasp of the Law and had their principal witness Chief Officer Kerry Holden crying on the stand...TWICE. In contrast Judge David Burton just followed the Police line in personal and political opinion as opposed to the Law which was all in my favour. Far from asking the Police witnesses probing questions he even introduced ideas to help them. It was as if the Police had an extra Barrister. When he wasn't nodding like a dog in approval at the Police witnesses the purple nosed oaf was letting out yawns of boredom when I or my barrister were presenting things he didn't want to hear.

To the actual Judgement. It looks like the decision was cut an dried and then spun for 20 pages to fit the decision. It really does read like the Police case without my case even being heard. There is no mention of the Police withholding statements, the unfairness of a 2 year suspension or other unfair procedures. I gave a 15 page sworn statement and had done 21 hours of tape recorded interviews. In a full day of testimony I was not asked one single question about my statement ( this must be another precedent ) and the 21 hours of tape recorded evidence was hardly mentioned. The Police Bariister concentrated on hearsay, the opinions of a microscopic sample of the thousands of subscribers to my various internet profiles and things I may or may not have said in private coversations. Deputy Chief Constable David Crompton actually stated in writing to the tribunal that the reason he facilitated two pre-planned flagrant breaches of W.Y.Police's own discipline procedure at my appeal was " in the interests of justice ? ? ? ". Well all I can say is either :- a) He can't spell and actually meant injustice. b) He should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act and is not fit for purpose. c) He is guilty of corruption in Public Office......

Also In the evidence were some scribbled notes taken by the Head of W.Y.P. Imaging Unit Peter Burton after a private meeting prior to any discipline procedure. These notes were totally discredited by me in a subsequent tape recorded interview. The Police Barrister came up with the clever ploy of not cross examining me on the notes but tried to introduce them in his summing up. This error in law was pointed out to the Judge by my Barrister. Despite this the Judge fell for the ploy hook, line and sinker. Either by incompetence or something more sinister the discredited notes are referenced as gospel, he has cherry picked the evidence to suit his agenda and states false information several times in his written Judgement.

It was a sad day for Freedom of speech and expression, Liberty, Democracy and Human Rights, but a good day for Political Correctness, Police Corruption and State sponsored Fascism. If history teaches us anything, it is that when one holds the truth but is faced with corruption in the very hearts of those in positions of power then one day there will be an end game.

There is now an excellent new website outlining corruption within West Yorkshire Police which I have been only too happy to help and advise where I can. Some of the unsavoury characters highlighted made statements in my case, one being former Detective Sergeant Michael Vause who is now a convicted Paedophile.

Here is the link. West Yorkshire Police Corruption


This is only a brief outline of the last 3 years and I have all the relevant documentation. The content on the web sites is exactly the same as when I was arrested.

Finally following my dismissal I took the above information to my MP the Rt. Hon. Colin Challen. On 7th May 2009 Mr Challen wrote to the Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison outlining his concern for the huge public cost and motives for the 6 month criminal investigation. The reply by DCC David Crompton on behalf of Sir Norman Bettison does not address the main issue, seems to confirm discrimination and in justification contains a fundamental untruth.


10, Downing Street

On 11/7/07 Neil Franklin a web manager at 10, Downing Street disclosed personal data and gave a Police witness statement that my name and e-mail address had been used to sign an e-petition. Although I had no recollection or explanation for this I initally accepted I must have done it by accident. This Police statement was then passed to my employers on 14/1/08 to use in employment discipline leading to my dismissal. The strange thing about this statement was that there was no IP address which would identify my broadband line and no date when the petition was signed. I began to get suspicious and started to investigate, as if I hadn't used my e-mail address to sign the petition..... then who had ? During these enquiries on 17/3/2010 at around 11.30 am I phoned 10, Downing Street to make a legitimate enquiry regarding disclosure of my personal data. The Downing Street switchboard operators had been given my name and instructed not to put me through to the relevant department ? Fishy or what ? To say I was shocked is an understatement. I immediately contacted my MP again, who wrote to the Cabinet Office the same day urgently requesting this information in time for my Tribunal on 19/4/2010. Guess what ?... they can't find it ! ! ! Although on the witness list and required to attend Mr. Franklin failed to appear at the Tribunal with no adequate explanation. All I can say is if the Government can't get data on an e-mail that went to 10, Downing Street then God help us in our fight against Terrorism ! As this information is held on government data bases I doubt I will ever be able to get to the bottom of it..... But it's a right can of worms !

I do think I will eventually get to the bottom of this one though !

There is strong circumstantial evidence that on 17/8/07 someone connected to the criminal enquiry set up a myspace profile purporting to be Combat 18. Whether officially or unofficially this last throw of the dice was done with a view to playing 'agent provocateur'. A kind of 'Honey Trap' but with a PSU balaclava and access to firearms. Although this amateurish ploy failed miserably it is tantamount to planting a kilo of heroin on someone facing drugs allegations. I can't prove it yet but given time, the resources (a spare few grand), technical expertise and determination believe me there are ways and means. If I can trace the ISP address and it emanated from a computer at West Yorkshire Police or the broadband line of anyone connected to the enquiry then the ramifications are frightening.

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