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This is simple list of the Monarchs of England from the first regional Anglo Saxon kings to Queen Elizabeth II


757-796 Offa House of Mercia
802-839 Egbert House of Wessex
839-856 Aethelwulf House of Wessex
856-860 Aethelbald House of Wessex
860-866 Aethelbert House of Wessex
866-871 Aethelred I House of Wessex
871-899 Alfred the Great House of Wessex
899-925 Edward the Elder House of Wessex
925-940 Athelstan House of Wessex
940-946 Edmund House of Wessex
946-955 Edred House of Wessex
955-959 Edwy House of Wessex
959-975 Edgar House of Wessex
975-978 Edward the Martyr House of Wessex
978-1016 Ethelred II the Unready House of Wessex
1016 Edmund lronside House of Wessex
1016-1035 Cnut (Canute) House of Denmark
1035-1040 Harold I Harefoot House of Denmark
1040-1042 Harthacanut House of Denmark
1042-1066 Edward the Confessor House of Wessex
1066 Harold II House of Wessex
1066-1087 William I House of Normandy
1087-1100 William II House of Normandy
1100-1135 Henry I House of Normandy
1135-1154 Stephen House of Blois
1154-1189 Henry II House of Angevin
1189-1199 Richard I House of Angevin
1199-1216 John House of Angevin
1216-1272 Henry III House of Plantagenet
1272-1307 Edward I House of Plantagenet
1307-1327 Edward II House of Plantagenet
1327-1377 Edward III House of Plantagenet
1377-1399 Richard II House of Plantagenet
1399-1413 Henry IV House of Lancaster
1413-1422 Henry V House of Lancaster
1422-1461 Henry VI House of Lancaster
1461-1483 Edward IV House of York
1483 Edward V House of York
1483-1485 Richard III House of York
1485-1509 Henry VII House of Tudor
1509-1547 Henry VIII House of Tudor
1547-1553 Edward VI House of Tudor
1553-1558 Mary I House of Tudor
1558-1603 Elizabeth I House of Tudor
1603-1625 James I (King of Scotland as James VI 1567-1625) House of Stuart
1625-1649 Charles I House of Stuart
1649-1653 Commonwealth Commonwealth
1653-1658 Oliver Cromwell (Lord Protector) Commonwealth
1658-1659 Richard Cromwell (Lord Protector) Commonwealth
1660-1685 Charles II House of Stuart
1685-1688 James II House of Stuart
1689-1694 William III of Orange and Mary II (jointly) House of Orange
1694-1702 William III (alone) House of Orange
1702-1714 Anne House of Stuart
1714-1727 George I House of Hanover
1727-1760 George II House of Hanover
1760-1820 George III (1815-20 King of Hanover) House of Hanover
1820-1830 George IV House of Hanover
1830-1837 William IV (King of Hanover 1830-7) House of Hanover
1837-1901 Victoria (Empress of India 1876-1901) House of Hanover
1901-1910 Edward VII House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
1910-1936 George V House of Windsor
1936 Edward VIII House of Windsor
1936-1952 George VI House of Windsor
1952- Elizabeth II (Head of the Commonwealth of Nations) House of Windsor


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09. This is England - Acoustic. (Marsden/Hudson)

10. The War Machine - Heavy rock version. LIVE

11. When Daddy comes marching home. (Children)

12. This is England. LIVE



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